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By Lawrence Block

Intercourse, medications, AND homicide within the LAND OF THE LOTUS EATERS

Anita Carbone used to be a superb woman – and it bored her. 

That’s why she took the lengthy subway journey right down to Greenwich Village, domestic of the Beats and the stoners, domestic to each type of misfit and dropout and unfastened spirit you'll think. It was once the place she met Joe Milani, the afflicted younger warfare veteran with the light contact. however it used to be additionally the place she met his drug-dealing roommate – a guy whose unnatural appetites resulted in murder…

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Shank remained silent. There were so many things you didn’t know, Joe thought, and it was such a general pain to bother trying to think things out, especially when there was no point-thinking them out to begin with. “Name’s Anita Carbone,” Joe said. ” Shank shrugged. “College chick,” Joe continued. ” More silence. “Look, I didn’t even try to make it with her,” Joe said. “I don’t think I could have if I tried, and it’s like there’s no future in it anyway. ” “Around. We walked around for a while and sort of talked at each other.

The whole bit at NYU, from the required geology course he hadn’t wanted to take to the advanced English courses he had looked forward to with a great deal of pleasure-all had added up to a grade-A bore. So he had been bored then as now. Was that any reason to spend half his life on page forty-five? It wasn’t. And if he were bored, didn’t it figure he should do something to stop being bored? It did. Then what the hell? Immobility, you damned fool. Joe dropped the cigarette before he was finished with it.

At the time, the army appealed to Shank, perhaps because he felt a little lonely and out of place. But then he discovered there were others like himself, and he was glad the army had turned him down. There weren’t that many—of the others. You could walk all over the Village and never notice them, not unless you were one yourself and consequently knew what to look for. They varied in age, appearance and dress, but a boy like Shank knew how to spot them. They were lost people, bored people, tired people, angry young people, zen people, beat people.

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