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By Robert Asprin

Captain Willard Phule has whipped his troops into form, turning Phule’s corporation from the laughingstock of the Legion into…a crack group of on line casino protection guards. Now his corporation is deployed to aid an underdeveloped planet. And what higher method to make the most of their significant quarter of expertise—goofing off—than to show the planet into the most important intergalactic playground ever?

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The fiction: complete and unabridged

Pub. Date: October 2008Publisher: Sterling PublishingFormat: Hardcover , 1098pp

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Well! I come to you with a problem, and what happens? First, two of your men nearly knock me down, and then you act as if I'm not even here. " Phule's concentration broke, and he looked down at Dee Dee, whose frown was deeper than ever. "Excuse me, Miss Watkins, I was listening to an intelligence report. " "Give you a moment? Why, you haven't given me so much as the time of day! " "Captain, is trouble happening," said Tusk-anini, coming around a bend in the corridor. He hurried up, ignoring the fuming Dee Dee and said, "Two humans looking for you-they try make me tell them things, but I no talk.

And while the Gambolts were famed for their ability to infiltrate an enemy position without being seen or heard, there was no need for stealth here. They bounced into the entry lounge, three oversized balls of feline energy, eyes darting in every direction. Behind them, a group of humans in similar uniform slouched into the lounge-the rest of the recruits. The Gambolts immediately spotted the three black-uniformed humans standing together. They glided over and drew up in front of Phule, coming to attention.

Some of their questions were about to be answered. One advantage of building a casino on a space station is that it can be a true twenty-four hour operation. With no local cycle of day and night, there is no need for visitors to adjust to the local clock, or to go through what in prespace days used to be called "jet lag". So the Fat Chance Casino was likely to have an eager crowd of gamblers at any hour. This, in turn, meant that Phule's Company had to be alert for trouble at any hour. But Moustache, who was in charge of "daytime" security at the casino, wasn't expecting any real trouble.

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