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The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories

Accountability. braveness. Compassion. Honesty. Friendship. patience. religion. every person acknowledges those characteristics as necessities of fine personality. to ensure that our kids to strengthen such qualities, we need to supply them examples of fine and undesirable, correct and fallacious. And the simplest locations to discover them are in nice works of literature and exemplary tales from heritage.

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Stifling Political festival synthesizes political technology, economics, and background to illustrate how the two-party method is the bogus production of a community of legislation, regulations, and subsidies that prefer the Democrats and Republicans and cripple strength challengers, depriving electorate of actually energetic political debate.

How to Manage Your Distance and Open Learning Course (Palgrave Study Guides)

This booklet is a necessary consultant to all elements of open and distance studying, overlaying how one can opt for a direction, how you can deal with the regimen features of learning and the way to utilize the training possibilities, abilities improvement and profession development that may come up out of your direction. Key components contain time administration, versatile studying concepts, review, finance, challenge fixing and dovetailing your path with family commitments.

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