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By William S. Graves

Basic Graves distinctive account of the Russian Civi; struggle.

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Emerson, M r. Stevens’ first Assistant in the Russian Railway Service Corps, which will be referred to in a later chapter. Colonel Emerson and party left Harbin on M ay 4, 1 91 8 fo r Vladivostok, to make arrangements for transportation. On the 6th, he explained his orders to the American Consul at Vladivostok and to Adm iral Austin M . Knight, commanding the Asiatic fleet. Both M r. Caldwell and Adm iral Knight stated they knew of no arrangements for a train for Colonel Emerson and suggested, that as they had no dealings with the Soviet [ 37] AMERICA’S SIBERIAN ADVENTURE at Vladivostok who were then in charge of Govern­ mental affairs, that Colonel Emerson deal direct with local authorities about his transportation.

A s soon as it became apparent that Russia could not be depended upon to supply men or materials for the A llies on the Eastern front, England began using every means available to frustrate Germany in an anticipated attempt to send troops from the E ast to the W est front, and also to prevent Germany from getting access to the Siberian resources. These two reasons were the ones assigned by England for her advocacy of military intervention in Siberia. T he propaganda, as to the deleterious effects of bol­ shevism, had not taken such roots at that time in the United States as to warrant England in stressing that phase o f her desires fo r m ilitary intervention in Rus­ sia, but she could and did stress the necessity for the [ 28 ] M ILITARY INTERVENTION IN SIBERIA protection o f military stores in Archangel and Vladi­ vostok, and for helping the Czechs.

M ILITARY INTERVENTION IN SIBERIA good will that none of the conclusions here stated is meant to wear the least color o f criticism o f what the other governments associated against Germany may think it wise to undertake. It wishes in no way to em­ barrass their choices of policy. A ll that is intended here is a perfectly frank and definite statement of the policy which the United States feels obliged to adopt for herself and in the use o f her own military forces. The Government of the United States does not wish it to be understood that in so restricting its own activities it is seeking, even by implication, to set limits to the action or to define the policies o f its Associates.

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