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By Barbara Michaels

For the site visitors at Ruth Bennet's trendy Georgetwon domestic, the seance was once only a playful diversion . . . till Ruth's niece Sara spoke in a deep guttural voice no longer her personal . . . and the sport turned frighteningly real.. the recent York occasions calls pass over Michaels a expert, announcing, "When the seances get going and the ghosts stroll (and talk), even the nonbelievers take notice." formerly released in 1969 via Fawcett.

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Remember the party? ” “Oh, my goodness,” gasped the invisible Grace. There was further conversation about the party—Grace’s sixth birthday party, said Daddy, and Grace enthusiastically agreed. ” Wamasook spoke excellent English. He described his beautiful Indian sweetheart, who had leaped from the Rock of Dumbarton after he was killed in battle, and added that one of the settlers had buried a hoard of gold coins in 50 Barbara Michaels the well before his tribe was attacked. Since there was now no trace of a well anywhere on the grounds, and since Wamasook’s knowledge of the modern geography of the site was somewhat vague, this hint did not arouse much interest among the auditors.

And, whatever her mother’s minor errors, Sara was a credit to the family—charming, bright, well-mannered, pretty. Then Ruth’s smile faded slightly as she studied the girl’s face. Pretty, yes, healthy. . This morn- 28 Barbara Michaels ing there was a change. Something was wrong. What? “. . the fact that he never washed,” Sara was saying. “It wasn’t that he couldn’t, you know; he lived at home and his parents had an absolutely gorgeous mansion in Shaker Heights, five bathrooms, no less. ” “I never could understand the principle which is expressed by a cultivated filth,” Ruth murmured, only half following the conversation.

It sounds absurd, doesn’t it, for a man of his age? He was married before, you know. ” “He died,” Ruth said, stunned into candor by the old lady’s sledgehammer tactics. ” “World War Two? Yes . . we adults still say ‘the war,’ don’t we? Pat’s wife didn’t die; she divorced him. She was a dreadful woman, but I could see her point. He kept dashing off to the jungles of Africa or the deserts of Australia. What fun is that? But it’s high time he tried again. He can’t go gallivanting around in the wilds much longer; he’s getting old.

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