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Gross anatomy, the learn of anatomical buildings that may be obvious by means of unassisted imaginative and prescient, has lengthy been a topic of fascination for artists. for many glossy audience, in spite of the fact that, the anatomy lesson—the technically particular province of scientific surgeons and scientific faculties—hardly turns out the right kind breeding floor for the hybrid workings of paintings and thought. We fail to remember that, in its early phases, anatomy pursued the hugely theatrical spirit of Renaissance technology, as painters akin to Rembrandt and Da Vinci and clinical teachers like Fabricius of Aquapendente shared audiences dedicated to the workings of the human physique. Anatomy Live: Performance and the working Theatre, a awesome attention of recent advancements at the degree, in addition to in modern writings of theorists reminiscent of Donna Haraway and Brian Massumi, turns our sleek notions of the dissecting desk on its head—using anatomical theatre as a way of acquiring a clean viewpoint on representations of the physique, conceptions of subjectivity, and personal wisdom approximately technological know-how and the level. seriously dissecting famous exhibitions like Body Worlds and The seen Human Project and that includes contributions from a few different students on such topics because the building of spectatorship and the results of anatomical heritage, Anatomy Live isn't to be ignored via a person with an curiosity during this attractive intersection of technology and inventive practice.

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The video editor has chosen to cut away to Professor Lee every now and then: at these moments, he is the very model of the restrained, careful overseer, the embodiment of a pure, disinterested man of science, craning his neck to peer into an eviscerated body cavity, nodding approval, casting a wary eye over the entire affair. It is pure theatre: titillating, mocking transgression. We shouldn’t be too quick to condemn this exercise, however, as mere entertainment, or as a betrayal of science to a theatrical populism.

José van Dijck is a Professor of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and Dean of the Humanities Department. Her research areas include media and science, (digital) media technologies, and television and culture. She is the author of several books, including Manufacturing Babies and Public Consent. Debating the New Reproductive Technologies (New York, New York University Press, 1995); ImagEnation. Popular Images of Genetics (New York, New York University Press, 1998). The chapter ‘Digital Cadavers’ was taken from her book The Transparent Body.

Anatomy lessons, much like the Elizabethan tragedies that ended with the death of all characters, had a decidedly morbid plot, moving from a fresh and preferably perfectly intact corpse to what was basically not more than a gnawed-off skeleton. Illustrious skeletons on the walls of the anatomical theatre foreshadowed the cadaver’s inevitable fate. The anatomist, in his public lesson, articulated the relation between the dead body on the table and the living body of the spectator. Catharsis was only immanent if crime and punishment were theatrically packaged in a moral performance.

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