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By Len Barnhart

In Reign of the useless the Apocalypse had simply began Mankind is an endangered species! The lifeless stroll and the dwelling look for shelter from the waking nightmare. Strap in your guns and toughen your technique of shuttle! In Reign of the useless the Apocalypse had simply started. Apocalypse finish: Reign of the useless is the ultimate installment of a two-part tale. the realm now belongs to the rotting corpses of a misplaced civilization. Bearing little resemblance to their misplaced humanity, they hunt for warm-blooded prey to meet an overwhelming primal urge to eat residing flesh. As Jim Workman keeps his quest for different survivors, he's back faced with the belief that there's extra to worry than loss of life. He encounters a defense force led through a ruthless radical. they seem to be a staff of survivalists, ready for whatever, and their numbers are nice. they're the final vestiges of a corrupt anti-establishment that stands within the means of a brand new starting for mankind. No stone is left unturned and absolute confidence is left unanswered in Apocalypse finish: Reign of the useless!

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Hideously mangled and disfigured, they roamed about in groups, searching for prey. On one occasion in particular, they had put down near Waldorf, Maryland. There was a commotion below and they assumed there might be survivors who needed their help. What they had found was a pack of wild dogs that had dragged one of the ghouls to the ground and were tearing at it as it squirmed to get free. The dogs quickly dismembered it and moved off with the appendages to gorge on the rotted meat. Head and torso were left lying in the middle of the street, alive and writhing in their own rot-ten stew.

They had been left to die by a prison staff who had either died themselves or had made a run for it. Another day or so and he wouldn’t be standing here now. That had been more than a year before. “You can’t blame her for that,” Matt said, wiping his forehead. In doing so he left a smear of black grease over his eyes. Jim noticed it and was about to tell him, but thought better of it and chuckled quietly to himself. “I don’t. ” Jim tossed the empty oil bottle to Matt, who turned around and pitched it into a trashcan made from a fifty-five gallon metal drum.

Salt of the earth and everyone knew it. Leon was always glad to have him along. The chopper continued to fly north along the path Jack had lain out until they reached Crisfield. The familiar sight of the Mormon temple came into view, its tall golden steeple still as pristine as it had been two years before. The rest of the building was in shambles, like most churches now. When things had gotten bad and people were left with nothing else, they had turned to the churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques, hoping their religion would save them.

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