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One of the earliest bridges I designed was my diploma project done at the ETH in Zurich. The inspiration for this bridge comes from two different ideas. The first idea is of a cantilever bridge and the second is one of those beautiful arch bridges in which the forces are expressed by the arch. In a cantilever bridge, the forces work in another way. You have tension through the top and compression through the bottom, and then part of the bending moments are transferred into the shaft of the support.

I think that public works like bridges and stations can become very significant forces in regenerating areas by creating and focusing urban activity. 63 These next projects explore the idea of the arch. The first is a trade exhibition hall in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Sometimes when you design a functional building that, like many of the bridges, has to be done for a very low cost, the idea of using the arch is important. It is very efficient for large spans. In this building there are many different types of arches: concrete half-arches, and, on the top, steel arches.

In my opinion, the consideration of the static properties of a bridge is very important. The bridge’s static equilibrium is probably its most essential part, so that if we think of a bridge like a body, this static condition is analogous to the heart. Of course, the body has other parts; in a bridge you have other properties. The central part of the whole problem is certainly very much about resolving the problem of how to bring the forces from one shore to another. One of the earliest bridges I designed was my diploma project done at the ETH in Zurich.

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