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By Richard Laymon

The hotel of Boleta Bay isn't the carefree position it was. a chain of unexplained disappearances, and holiday-makers threatened through a military of leering bums, casts a shadow over summer time pleasures. yet now Boleda Bay is battling again and their crusade leads them to the deserted Funhouse.

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But her terror didn’t subside at all. Not a bit of it. If he gets me, he’ll rip me up. That’s absurd, she told herself. What’s the worse that can happen, really? He rapes and kills me. A nasty corner of her mind whispered, That isn’t the worst. She glanced back again. Now the troll was even farther behind. I’m going to make it! If I don’t trip. If he doesn’t corner me. If there aren’t others waiting in the dark places up ahead. Just ahead, on the right, was the Tilt-a-Whirl. Gloria wondered if she should try for it.

Just between you and me, I’d rather join ’em than bust ’em. Not that either’s likely to happen. I’m gonna get me a hot dog on a stick. ” Dave glanced at his hand. It didn’t look dirty. But it had rubbed his thigh where the sock had touched him. He was hungry, anyway. They’d been on foot patrol since the fun zone opened at ten, nearly three hours ago. “Grab one for me, okay? ” “Use plenty of soap. ” He left his partner in line at the hot-dog booth and headed for the nearest men’s room. Funland had two sets of restrooms, one near each end of the promenade.

Since lunch, they had approached a total of seven indigents. None could be coaxed into admitting knowledge of a man named Enoch. Asked if anything strange had happened last night, one told of being beamed up into a hovering spacecraft from the planet Mogo, where a creature like a man-size lizard stuck a tube down his throat and sucked out the contents of his stomach—which the creature drank as it sucked. One said he’d been grabbed by a pair of albinos who tried to drag him under the boardwalk and feed him to their pet spider.

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