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By Jack T Chick

Subject: Christian Love

Volume 3 in Jack Chick's vintage Crusader sequence. Brutally whipped as a toddler through his colonial masters, Kruma's face was once horribly marred. sometime he may get revenge on these evil white males who had performed this to him! whilst he grew to become chief of his small African state, he will get his probability. however the plot is advanced by way of the involvement of the mysterious Lu Fang and his politicalinterference.

When the Crusaders store Kruma's lifestyles, he's compelled to re-examine his pondering, and his view of the white man's God. a good message of forgiveness and wish.

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He was stronger, smarter, and more worldly than me. “It’s not like that,” I said. “It’s exactly like that. I know it. You know it. She knows it. Men cannot be trusted. ” Monty lit another cigarette, blew a smoke ring. It drifted into my face. “And she’s worth how much? How many millions? ” “Look, Adam, your track record with women isn’t exactly phenomenal. ” That was a low blow. I was shocked that he would dare mention it at all. He was referring to an incident from our childhood. A girl who vacationed with our family.

Just as Monty has coached me, I do not hesitate with my answer, yet still, in the time it takes me to open my mouth and spit the words out, I can feel the eyes of the jury on me, drinking me, eating me, like the body of Christ. “No,” I say. “No. ” TWO Rachel had always been a good wife. But at some point, and without my realizing I had done it, I did to her what had been done to me and my brother so long ago. I delegated her to a lower level. She was still there, with me, seemingly an important fixture in my life, as always, but now in a place below me, separate.

Laid the groundwork. Albert’s behaviors were under control through medication. Thus he was presumably no longer a danger to himself or to anyone else. I plead my case, spoke of the void in my family, Rachel’s deteriorating psychiatric condition that now precluded her leaving the house, our need for this. I ended by saying a home visit could afford Albert some sense of connection. I said it could give him a degree of normalization and the doctor’s eyes brightened. He consented. I had Albert in the car with me.

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