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By Garet Garrett

Some of the earliest books, rather these relationship again to the 1900s and prior to, are actually super scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in reasonable, top of the range, sleek variants, utilizing the unique textual content and art.

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I looked again, and there was his figure bending over that of the inventor, fifteen feet away. I began to make comparisons. e Mered at the inventor’s back was not the same as the Mered at my side. e one at the table, although very distinct in outline, was without a feeling of volume. But that was not the striking difference. e expression of the Mered there was that of powerfully concentrated intention, whereas the expression of the Mered at my side was that of one who stirs the ashes of a mighty dream.

And these were but the first premises. He then turned a withering light into the wretched creature’s psychic life. at was worse. One by one he took the motives that govern human conduct, especially those by merit of which man claims divine kinship, and stripped them until they were naked and abominable, having been all derived from the pit. e principle of polarity applied to actions made every impulse to have an opposite origin. By exhibiting the positive end of a negative virtue or the negative end of a positive one he inverted all values.

It represents a large capital outlay. It is a fixed charge upon his income. He houses it carefully, insures it, protects it from rust in its hours of idleness, and if for any reason he cannot continue to be responsible for it, then it passes to another. But the toilers, who now are free—he is not responsible for them. He hires them when he needs them and sends them away when he doesn’t, and they are responsible for themselves, because they are free. In political theory they are free. In fact, they are enslaved by necessity and cowed by fear of unemployment, and so pass their existence under the yoke of the curse, with the added torment of insecurity.

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