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The immigrant son of a German laborer, he was a brilliant virologist with expertise in emerging viral pathogens, the study of newly discovered infectious agents. At one time the head of the CDC's elite Epidemiology Intelligence Service, he'd retired ten years earlier to teach part-time at Florida State in Tallahassee and consult with the Florida State Health Agency, which was part of the CDC network of health agencies. He'd been called by CDC to work the Adalwolf case because no one understood incipient epidemics better.

The Attorney General unbuttoned his suit coat and took his seat. "Good morning," he said, looking at the memo and putting on elegant antelope-horn glasses. " He looked up and found the Deputy Director of the FBI on his right. " Note that he called him "Felix," not "Mr. " They probably play golf together at a club where I can't even caddy. Damn it, she'd forgotten to read her horoscope this morning. Felix Maltby spoke with ease. "We've been chasing this guy Adalwolf for five years. We nearly caught him twice, but both times he slipped away.

She had to keep him on the phone until she saw them. From prior experience, Adalwolf thought it would take them at least eight minutes to trace his call, but the Bureau's new BackFire program could do it in five. "If you were trying to fool us into closing the case, you lose," she said. "It doesn’t matter. " She hit the transmit button again. Were they on him yet? " "I can handle them. " Keep the clock running. "Strange way to care. " "Quit and go home, Melissa. Bake cookies and be a good wife.

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