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By C.M.' 'Palov

Ebook by means of Palov, C.M.

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The door slammed shut behind them. Coming out from a climate-controlled environment, the humid night air hit both of them like a slap in the face. Kate peered from side to side. ’ Taking hold of her elbow, Finn ushered his companion down the flight of concrete steps that led to an asphalt parking area. ‘I suggest that we walk around to the front gate. ’ Finn shook his head, putting the kibosh on her suggestion. ‘We can’t risk it. For all we know, Jutier’s body has already been discovered. That makes the embassy a crime scene and everyone inside the embassy a potential suspect.

At the end of the long hall, he sidestepped a forklift loaded with boxes of printed binders before entering another stairwell. Taking the steps three at a time, he climbed one flight, emerging on the first floor of the River Entrance wing of the Pentagon. Five storeys high with five concentric rings and ten radial corridors, the Pentagon was a maze. A fact he intended to use to his advantage. Given that his Dodge Ram truck was parked in the South Lot, using that exit was not an option. He figured that’d be the first place they’d look for him.

He held the manila folder aloft as he strode over to the door on the other side of the Colonel’s office. ’ When the Colonel nodded his consent, Finn opened the door and stepped into the administration bay. He’d cut a break. Not a big one, but enough to get him out of the SAG office suite before the two agents caught on to the ruse. Quickly passing the copy machines, collators and a line of cubicles, he figured he had sixty, maybe seventy-five seconds before the alarm was sounded. Exiting the admin bay, he hung a right and briskly strode down the hall towards an office wing currently under renovation, the area shrouded in clear plastic sheets.

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